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Help us bring our stories on the road

We're flash fundraising for a series of special screenings in San José, Costa Rica this May

The coffee producers at an August 2022 Women Powered Coffee Summit in San Jose. From left to right: Ericka, María, Arleen, Tatiana, and Margoth.

The Más que un café (Stronger Than Coffee) team is going on the road, and we need your help!

Our five-part short documentary series produced in partnership with five women coffee producers in Costa Rica and a U.S.-based production company named Needle + Frame has screened at conferences, coffee shops, small businesses, and nonprofits around the world. Our stories share the reality of coffee farming through the voices of the women who grow it—exploring family, loss, legacy, place, and community. We’re so proud of this project’s reach, and we have one final goal to culminate Más que un café’s success: to bring it to the big screen in Costa Rica.

With tremendous excitement, we’re partnering with three Costa Rican cultural institutions for a series of Más que un café screenings events:

La Sala Garbo, an independent film and cultural center
Tuesday, May 23rd, 7pm

Film screening and filmmaker talkback

This will be the first time that the five filmmakers will see their film in a traditional movie theater on a big screen. They will also sell their coffee!

International Film Week at Veritas University
Wednesday, May 24th, 7pm

Film screening and panel discussion about the creative process of participatory media with Más que un café filmmakers, Víctor Ruano (US/ El Salvador), Valeria Pivato (Argentina), and Mario Viana (Colombia)

Cafeoteca, a specialty coffee shop
Thursday, May 25th, 7:30 pm

Film screening and talkback about women, coffee, and storytelling with filmmakers and Leonor Gutiérrez of Root Capital

Event includes fun coffee tasting activity that pair stories with coffee flavors

Cafeoteca, a specialty coffee shop

Friday, May 26th, 9am Entrepreneurship and storytelling workshop planned and facilitated by filmmakers

The week will be an incredible celebration. Not only will it culminate a transformational three-year storytelling journey, but it will also be the first time the coffee producers and the Needle & Frame team will meet each other in person! Más que un café came to life in the early days of the pandemic, which required a fully virtual production.

We’re currently flash fundraising to cover the costs of the Costa Rican filmmakers’ accommodations and travel from their coffee farms to San Jose for these important events. Will you pitch in the price of a cup of coffee ($5) to help bring our fundraising goal of $4,000 across the finish line? Any amount makes a huge difference:

  • $15 covers the cost for one woman entrepreneur to attend a storytelling workshop

  • $20 covers the cost of a bag of coffee for a community-tasting event

  • $50 covers a night of accommodations for one of the coffee producers

  • $100 covers transportation for the coffee producers to travel to San Jose from their homes

All donors will receive an access code to stream the film series on Vimeo at no rental fee and a special video thank you from the coffee producers.

Thank you for being part of our community. We can’t wait to share news from Costa Rica with you—stay tuned!

Thank you to our event partners!


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