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Quick Info for the Press

More About the Film

With cameras in hand, five Costa Rican women reveal what it means—and what it takes—to be coffee producers in an industry that often makes them invisible. Stronger Than Coffee (Más que un café) is a series of five short films about the women who grow the world's coffee, told entirely in their own voices.

The series is made up of 5 short films created by women coffee producers in Costa Rica. They participated in a year-long virtual film training collaboration. They filmed and wrote their own stories with the support of a professional team.


The film is available for individual streaming, group events, and institutional licensing. To host a group screening, submit an interest form.

Tagline: Our lives. Our Land. Our Coffee

Runtime: 24 minutes, 18 seconds 
Format: digital
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Original Language: Spanish (subtitles available in English)

Film Creator Testimonials

"This project is different; it is not the first time people come with cameras and record, but this is something very different. It is for the community, very personal."
Margoth Rivera

“What's inspired me most about making this film is that people around the world will know what it takes to make a cup of coffee.”

- María Jiménez

About the Filmmakers

María Jiménez Chacón

Maria has always admired butterflies, which she pays tribute to in poetic imagery that shares their relation to the coffee she grows with her family at Beneficio La Angostura

Margoth Rivera

On the day of her sixth-grade graduation, a girl is told to stop going to school by her principal. Margoth writes a letter to her sharing advice. Margoth is a member of the coffee collective Café Aromas de la Legua

Ericka Mora Blanco

Ericka is forced to undergo a personal transformation after being diagnosed with cancer. Along the way, her coffee business, Café E y F teaches her important life lessons. 

Tatiana Vargas

After Taty’s father, Don Gerardo, passed away, Taty and her mother grieved by nurturing the family’s coffee business, Café Legados Artesanal

Arleen Jiménez Chacón

With stunning imagery of her family's coffee business, Beneficio la Angostura, Arleen explores coffee's unique seasons from a woman's perspective.

About the Partners

This project was a collaboration between Needle + Frame and Bean Voyage.

Needle + Frame is a filmmaking and arts collective that builds solidarity, unites communities, and inspires courageous action toward positive social transformation.

Bean Voyage is a feminist non-profit social enterprise on a mission to eradicate the gender gap in farming communities.

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